Online Puppy Classes

During Covid-19 lockdown, isolation and social distancing all puppy classes either are, or should be closed following Government advice. But you still have a puppy, what do you do? Claire Johnson Dog Training has a solution! We are offering live, online video conferencing puppy classes. All you need is a laptop or tablet with a camera, and an internet connection to get an experienced, accredited trainer in your living room to teach you and your puppy. We strongly believe that online live classes are much better than traditional classes as they are held in your own home, where the puppy lives, not a stark village hall, the behaviour of other puppies cannot negatively affect your puppy, and you have the time and confidence to ask your burning questions without any judgement. You also get the benefit of Claire’s coaching live, just changing the position of your hand, or an aspect of your body language can make the world of difference to how the puppy learns. Why not get in touch below!

Online 1-2-1 Classes

If you would prefer to learn out of a group environment, are looking for a tailored training programme, or have topics you would really like to discuss with an expert, why not try our popular 1-2-1 online packages.

1-2-1 classes have the benefit of fitting around your busy life, you are not confined to a weekly time slot, the sessions are arranged to suit your diary. These sessions are perfect if you have already made some headway with training your puppy, but are now looking for some professional help. After each session you will receive a personal feedback form, and step by step exercises to practice for your next session. Sessions traditionally include the following, however we tailor content to suit your personal needs;

  • Toilet Training
  • Separation Training
  • Bonding with the puppy
  • Recall
  • Stealing
  • Appropriate play
  • Jumping up
  • Mouthing
  • Handling
  • Grooming
  • Focus
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Loose lead walking
  • Go to bed
  • Front door safety
  • Paw

The online 1-2-1 live video training comprises 5 1hr sessions. Total course cost for 5 x 1hr sessions plus personalised feedback has currently been heavily discounted due to Covid-19, as we are aware many are struggling at this time. The course is currently £199 – a whopping 40% discount! To book simply click here.

Not quite sure online is for you? You can book a shorter 3 x 1hr course covering basic puppy foundations by clicking here and extend later should you enjoy the course!

Online 1-2-1 with Daily Coaching

Having weekly classes with handouts is great, and often is all you need when this is not the first puppy you raised yourself. But what if this is your first puppy? A week is a long time to wait to ask for help if there is an issue you are struggling with, or you aren’t sure about something. What if some advice you were given sounds great, and makes sense, but it just doesn’t seem to be working?

This is where daily coaching really comes into it’s own! As well as receiving everything detailed in the online classes you will also receive daily support via Whatsapp. Either upload a video of your training and get detailed support to either make it easier or harder depending on your needs to help your puppy excel, or upload a video of problems you are having to get assistance and management to help you through the issues.

To book 5 x 1hr online training with daily coaching just click here.

To book 3 x 1hr online training with daily coaching just click here.

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