Group Classes

Turn your dog from a sofa star to a super star!

Looking for a fantastic new activity for both you and your dog?

Did you get a pandemic puppy and miss out on training?

Looking for the next Insta or Tik Tok star?!

We have three fabulous courses, each getting progressively harder to take your dog through basics right up to scoring a basketball, tucking themselves in a blanket or tidying their own toys away! Teach your dog some important life skills such as going to bed, stay and walking nicely on lead, right up to super impressive, camera worthy tricks! Classes are kept exclusively small, are very friendly and follow strict covid safety procedures. Handouts are provided for each exercise, and as well as a traditional certificate and rosette for completing the course you will receive an edited video of your dog completing all the exercises to keep and share as you wish! Courses run for 5 weeks, with a 1hr class held at the same time each week.

Fido Foundations

This is the first of our three courses and the starting point for you and your dog. This five week course will take us through the training basics, which are impressive by themselves, but are the launchpad for even bigger and better things!

To book your spot simply click HERE! Classes are selling quickly and currently we only have space in classes starting on Tuesday 22nd February 5.30-6.30pm.

Clever Canines

Here we jump from basics to some real TV worthy abilities!

Our stand will turn into a bow, our down into a commando crawl. Ring a bell or a Lassie fetch help indication? No problem!

Clever Canines are open to all who have completed Fido Foundations.

Darn Impressive Dogs!

Now we are into real movie level skills! We will work with your dog’s individual drives and ability to create seriously impressive results!

Frequently asked questions

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held on the outskirts of Romsey, Hampshire.

Are classes held inside, or outside?

Over the winter months our classes are held inside.

If I take the Fido Foundations course am I committing myself to do all three courses?

Absolutely not! You are very welcome to just do one or two of the courses, and have as long of a gap between courses as you desire.

My dog is pretty good, do I have to start with Fido Foundations?

We need to ensure that the basics are rock solid before adding more complex actions in for your dog, so all new dogs need to start in a Fido Foundation Course. But dont worry! Your dog will be assessed in the first lesson and if they can complete the course we can switch you straight to the Clever Canine syllabus without additional charge.

I have a new puppy, are these courses suitable for me?

This is not foundation puppy training, we will not cover handling, mouthing, toilet training, management, feeding, grooming, jumping up or appropriate play. If you are looking for your first training classes take a look at our puppy training pages. If you have completed foundation puppy training, then yes, these classes are absolutely for you!

It all sounds great, but I have more questions

No problem! Just contact us on or 07708 190130

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