Client Reviews

Here is just a handful of reviews from Clients that have worked with Claire to help their dogs, be that puppy training, behaviour training or ringcraft. Claire is proud of the progress made by each and every dog, and even more so at seeing the bond between dog and owner truly deepen!


Labrador Retriever – Puppy Training

Claire has been absolutely amazing to train with. I have a Black Lab puppy, who is obviously very inquisitive and excitable.Claire had his undivided attention from session one, and explained the training steps clearly, so that I could get the same from him. We’ve gone on to learn lots from Claire and I am so so glad that we chose her. Fergus, is doing unbelievably well, and I have a good understanding of the principles of training, so I can add new lessons and tricks myself. Claire is also very responsive to email and messages, which is so helpful when you need that little bit of advice inbetween sessions. I can’t recommend Claire highly enough. THANK YOU!

Charlotte and Fergs x


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier – Puppy Training

We had the pleasure of meeting Claire this morning.
She came to help us train our 11 week old wheatie.
With in minutes she had him sitting to command she came with her own treats, a puppy pack and beautiful toys.
After she left rocky had a sleep and now wants to train all afternoon what a different puppy.
Thank you so much Claire we will see you next week.


Kooikerhondje – Behavioural Training

I went to Claire with, and I quote my vet – “an impossible case”. I was told that my puppy would likely have to be rehomed with a specialist as she was so fearful and displaying potential aggression. I also suffer from anxiety, so me with an anxious dog felt like a recipe for disaster.

In comes Claire and she saved us; literally. From the first tear-filled phone call to our catch-ups now where I’m sending her photos of me and Daisy bonding every day, Claire focusses on not only dog behaviour, but the bond between you, which is sincerely misunderstood amongst many other dog behaviourists.

Claire has given me support, advice, hugs and most importantly, the tools and confidence for lifelong journey with my dog. She once said to me; “maybe you were meant to help each other” and she was totally right. I now have a wonderful relationship with an incredibly well-rounded dog and the journey has been so much easier with Claire’s help. Thank you.


Wire Hair Dachshund – Behavioural Ringcraft

Claire works wonders with any dog & owner! Would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their relationship with their dog, or even just to advance their own abilities.


Kooikerhondje – Behavioural Ringcraft

Rummy has always been fearful of strangers so having a judge come up to him was both stressful for him and for me. I like my dogs to be happy in the ring and decided I needed help to get us both back on track.

Claire’s gentle approach and extensive knowledge of dog behaviour was quite frankly something I have never seen the likes of. Rummy is now confident in having judges go over him and even went on to get BOB at Crufts. Something I could not have done with him without her expertise.

I’ve sort her help time and time again with problems that have arisen with my other 3 show dogs and she has sorted all of them.

I have been to trainers in the past and have been very disappointed with what was achieved.

I am not given to writing reviews but I just had to let anyone out there thinking of booking Claire to do it. She is worth every penny.

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