Behaviour and Training

A dogs behaviour can seem wonderful, amazing, bizarre, infuriating and often just down right baffling. Seemingly from no where dogs can develop problem behaviours, issues, phobias, or just simply seem to regress from their initial training. No matter the issue, Claire will be able to help.

Does your dog;

  • Jump up at people uninvited
  • Pull on the lead
  • Not come when called
  • Chew destructively
  • Not listen to you
  • Have problems toilet training
  • Is fearful/reactive to strangers
  • Is fearful/reactive to dogs
  • Barks excessively
  • Is extremely shy or anxious

Claire can help with all of the above behaviours and more. What sets Claire apart from many other trainers is that she will take the time to give you the tools to truly teach and help your dog, in your own home. This is where the behaviours occur naturally. Many people adore, and are fabulous with children, but not many will believe that they can single handed take them through their entire education without outside help from teachers or training. Very few people will acknowledge that the same applies with dogs. OK, we are not aiming for teaching quantum mechanics here! But there is a whole science behind dog communication and learning which if understood and followed can help your dog become a confident, happy, well mannered member of your family. Claire’s ultimate goal is to provide you with these basics, whilst she helps with your dogs. So that we don’t just see quick changes in your dog’s behaviour, but improvements that last a life time!

Sessions start at £95 for a 90 minute assessment in your own home so that we can see the natural behaviours occurring. For this you receive Claire’s many years of experience which is backed up by continual learning and development, a consultation report of everything we have seen and discussed, as well as detailed homework for you to practice with your dog. To change the behaviour of a dog requires work, time and understanding. We offer a range of different packages, so that we can tailor what is right for you and your dog, with all packages you will receive a free recommended training pack containing treats, a clicker, training booklet and high focus toy as well as unlimited phone contact with Claire in between your sessions. Claire primarily works in the south Hampshire and surrounding areas. For more information email or why not book a free 15 minute phone or zoom consultation to help choose what is right for you here.

How to Book

If you live in an SO postcode (Southampton, Romsey, Winchester, Stockbridge and the New forest areas), or in or around the Salisbury area, just follow this link to book an initial behaviour assessment at your home Book Here. Unfortunately I do not cover the Isle of Wight.

If you are after puppy training, look here.

What our clients say about us

I went to Claire with, and I quote my vet – “an impossible case”. I was told that my puppy would likely have to be rehomed with a specialist as she was so fearful and displaying potential aggression. I also suffer from anxiety, so me with an anxious dog felt like a recipe for disaster.

Harriet and Daisy

In comes Claire and she saved us; literally. From the first tear-filled phone call to our catch-ups now where I’m sending her photos of me and Daisy bonding every day, Claire focusses on not only dog behaviour, but the bond between you, which is sincerely misunderstood amongst many other dog behaviourists.

Claire has given me support, advice, hugs and most importantly, the tools and confidence for lifelong journey with my dog. She once said to me; “maybe you were meant to help each other” and she was totally right. I now have a wonderful relationship with an incredibly well-rounded dog and the journey has been so much easier with Claire’s help. Thank you. Love, Harriet and Daisy

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