About Claire

Claire with a group of fabulous Kooikerhondjes

Claire was born into the world of dogs, and does not take the gift of being able to watch and study complex dog behaviours and interactions from a very young age for granted, it has given her a considerable leg up in the art of truly understanding dogs. Claire has worked with dogs for 20 years now and brings with her not only a wealth of experience and understanding, but a thirst to learn and understand the new science behind the way dogs communicate and learn, which is a field that is expanding at fantastic speed. She is based in Hampshire training in Winchester, Romsey, Southampton, Salisbury, the New Forest, Andover and all surrounding areas. Due to popular demand Claire also holds one or two day workshops further afield upon request.

As a fully qualified and insured dog trainer and canine behaviour practitioner, and all sessions are run following the strict industry guidelines. Claire is honoured to have trained with some of the countries leading trainers and behaviourists, and has been hand picked by the world renowned Sarah Whitehead to become a Clever Dog Company Licenced Method Trainer.

Claire has worked with a very wide range of breeds, from Chinese Cresteds and Chihuahuas to Dobermann, Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs and a whole host of the weird, whacky and wonderful in between! Her heart belongs with Kooikerhondjes, a fabulous but challenging breed, and she shares her home and life with three truly amazing Kooikers the irrepressible Libby, Inka and Pepper.

Claire works using only positive training methods, and is passionate that these techniques not only work, but build and strengthen the special bond between dog and owner. Her goal is to empower owners and give them the tools to train with their dogs, stopping unwanted behaviours before they even take place.

As well as general training, Claire has three unique specialisms. Firstly ringcraft training, particularly preparing someone new to the hobby for everything that it entails and rehabilitating dogs that have had a bad experience, Claire has been in the show ring for 30 years. Secondly, the worryingly under discussed topic of behaviour and training of dogs who suffer from epilepsy, side affects of this disease have massive impacts on family life, Claire is here to help. Thirdly the correct steps both breeders and puppy owners should take before a litter is even conceived through to the first weeks with the new owner. Guidance is provided to breeders from health testing and stud selection, through pregnancy care, neonatal and puppy development, right up to selecting owners, puppy packs and preparing puppies for their new homes. Help is provided to owners to find the right puppy and breeder for them, preparing the home and understanding basic training techniques before the puppy arrives to start you on the right foot, through to one to one puppy training. See the tabs above for full details.

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